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MDC is still under construction

Open Continents will appear in Gold and link.

  • Asia.
  • Afrika.
  • Europa.
  • Nord-Amerika.
  • Sør-Amerika.
  • Oseania.


Promote your Business Globally

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The Two Dollar Story!

The Million Dollar Catalogue (MDC) is a totally free and open Worldwide Community for both advertisers, customers, publishers, suppliers, wholesalers,retailers and the entire worlds society to use freely for their advantage and enlightenment! It gives the opportunity for everyone, small or big to become equal and have the same opportunities to show their products and services to the world.

Bet small, earn small or nothing! Bet big, earn big or get broke!

Internet has taken advertising to a explosive level since it was born and the cost of advertising has increased to a level where only the strongest can compete and survive! At least if you want to become BIG and earn BIG MONEY!

The Million Dollar Catalogue (MDC) is based upon GLOBAL COOPERATION and its goal is to become the fastest growing and biggest internet catalogue for advertisers worldwide! To make that happen we need to open the internet for the small businesses, the newbies, and everyone who has an business idea but not the money to advertise, and give them the opportunity to become seen and in that way generate traffic to their websites. Here they will become a part of a multinational network of advertisers, from the small niches to the great entrepreneurs who already rule the advertising industry in the world today! As you see, MDC is for EVERYONE!

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Top 12 Advertisers

Only 12 spots Available!
Want your add/business to appear on MDC´s front page for 1 year or more ? This is a highly sought after advertising position and will be the first to be seen by customers visiting The Million Dollar Catalog! Its only 12 spots available and it will never become more. This means: If all spots are taken, you have to wait to buy placements here until one or more become available. This can take up to a year or more, depending on existing advertisers and if they wants to renew or not.

NOTE: These placements do not cost $ 2 like the other MDC placements and are limited to 1 year per advertising period.

Read more about this in our standard agreement. Click!